About Us

Over 30 years in manufacturing internation standard filter, S.T. FILTER CO.,LTD. services continually to develop production capability to satisfy the needs of every target customers. From a small manufacturer of automobile filters, today ,our production line of air filters are expended in to a large automobile, marine as well as automobile air filters and oil filter as well as other automobile products, covering small engines to large engines of all types, including contract manufacturing for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for automobile manufacturer all over over the country.

S.T. FILTER CO.,LTD. has the production base in Ekachai Road,Bangkhuntain Sub-district,Bangkok, Every day, over 200 workers start their day in the production lines to produce quality filters to serve demand in the market as well as a standard warehouse and transportation system to ensure safety.In addition to producing the product for domestic market, S.T. FILTER also expands the production line for grobal distribution to all over the world. In asia(Taiwan,South Korea,Japan,Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Iran) In europe (Belgium,Holland,Germany,Italy and Austria)In North America (Guatemala and Surinam) New Zealand and Egypt.

S.T. FILTER produces filters to serve from small to large engines. The filters are devided into Engine Oil filter,Solar Filter, Air Filters, Hydraulic Filters Cabin Air Filters.

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    We support our clients by providing a great product quality,competitive price,fast and accurate shipment, and outstanding after sales service.We believe in long-term relationship with our clients.

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    "Nothing" great ever done by one person". We believe that every greatness is accomplished by a team of people working together.

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    Not only out staffs and products are friendly to clients,but we are also environmental friendly. Each components and our products is more than 90% recyclable. Environment is very important to us.

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    When we stop moving forward,that in when we start moving backward. At ST Filter,we innovate every day.We keep moving forward to bring our clients better products, better services,better prices,and faster shipments.

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    Leadership for ST FIilter is defined by courage, and having a vision which inspries and motivates our clients and our employees.

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    We will honor our commitments and promises between ST Filter and our clients. We do this by demonstrating consistency between our quality of products, services and our words.

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    We are great at what we do. We have the expertise in engineer manufacturing, logistics and customer service.

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    We are a reliable partner with a full respect and also our promises. We make sure every single day that our work environment are clean,healthy and safe for work.

Striving for excellence is a core corporate value at S.T.FILTER. The quality of our products is a crucial factor for our success. Our management system ensures that we meet and indeed exceed the quality required by our customers. Internationally recognised independent certifications highlight this competence. Under the systematic working system with attentive production process as well as delivery service, S.T. FILTER CO., LTD. is stepping into the international standard with ISO 9001 version 2015 and the company is the first and the only factory in Thailand who has been awarded the certification from Thai Industrial Standard Institutes or (TIS) on standard of production of Air Filter and Oil Filter

Quality and Environmental Policy

S.T. Filter Company Limited has considered quality and environmental management systems to be important and necessary for business operations. Therefore, we encourage all departments to operate practically and continuously in order to achieve our objective and target with guidelines to practice as follows:

1. Comply ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 standard requirements. Laws and other regulations related to quality and the environment including obligations that are obligations considered as the basic baseline for achieving results that must be followed.
2. Produce quality products while protect the environment, including pollution prevention. Arising from the organization’s activities
3. Carry out and promote various activities to campaign for saving energy and wasted resources in both production and offices.
4. Communicate and publish quality and environmental policies in the organization together with communicate inside and outside the organization with related people
5. Keep improvement of the quality and environmental management system in order to increase quality and environmental performance.


Nuttipol Puranitee Ph.D.
(Managing Director)

3 October 2023